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Add:No.11 bonded Eastern Industrial Road Two, Ningbo,Zhejiang
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Young Year Electronics Technology(Ningbo) CO.,LTD. belongs to Taiwan solely invested enterprise, the company in 1981 in Taiwan taoyuan founded, due to business development, in 2000 investment of thirty million yuan RMB in zhejiang province ningbo beilun bonded east branch office. Our company, the geographical position, east to hope zhoushan seabirds, south near 329 federal highways, west receives Shanghai chung high-speed, north depends on ningbo port in the second phase of wharf, the transportation is very convenient, the workshop area 5000 square meters. Yang: electronic is main domestic institutions a OEM/ODM specialized manufacturer, mainly involved in all kinds of precision metal stamping parts, stamping mould design and manufacturing; Computer peripheral equipment, auto parts, residential facilities, electrical appliances, hutch defends, medical equipment metal stamping products.

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Add:No.11 bonded Eastern Industrial Road Two, Ningbo,Zhejiang
Main business: Designing and manufacturing of Precision metal mold、Metal stamping products
Keywords:metal stamping parts、stamping die

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